Rossouw Lotz

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Paarl, Cape Town
+27 (0) 65 290 5900

The idea of Yoga related mobility, strength & conditioning training developed when Rossouw started teaching private classes in October 2017.  He specially designed a method to help Yogi’s get the most out of their practice, stay injury free and recover well from their previous flow. After studying strength & conditioning for sport in Stellenbosch, Rossouw invested he’s time in exploring various codes of fitness. Giving him the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of strength and mobility of the human body. He specializes in mobility, core stability & postural correction. Rossouw has been practicing yoga since 10 years old and would love you to join his classes!

Available for Private lessons | Mobility, strength and conditioning for Yoga |

This class is an authentic Yoga House method that will introduce the beginner yogi to the mobility & conditioning of yoga or challenge the advanced practitioner in the strength dynamics of their practice. Move optimally, be strong and get the most out of your practice.

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