Meditation works for everyone and everyone can meditate. No excuses!

But where should you start?
This 21- day challenge will dispel many of the common misconceptions about meditation while providing easy steps for getting started. Delivered with clear, down-to-earth instruction, you’ll learn how to bring authentic meditation into your life through a combination of lecture and practice.

All you have to do over a period of 3 weeks is set aside about 5-10 minutes every day and an additional few hours for lectures and troubleshooting on 3 Saturdays.

With benefits ranging from reduced stress to better focus & sleep, that sounds like a pretty good deal.
Learn how to meditate in YOUR authentic, individual way.

The challenge runs from 31 August – 20 September | 3 x Workshops at Yoga House: SATURDAY Aug. 31, Sept. 7 & Sept. 14, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm | Recorded Audio Meditations for each week

Please contact us for more information :
  • Yoga House, 161 Main Road, Paarl
  • Saturday August 31st, September 7th, September 14th
  • R1400
  • 9.30